#Chartership update & plan

Below is the plan I have followed so far for working on my chartership portfolio. I didn’t create any strict rules for myself but just tried to achieve as much as possible, mainly using lunch breaks to write things. I am publishing this now to push myself to carry on the good work.

13 October 12: meet mentor

Then no structured plan throughout October, panicking and asking lots of questions on twitter. Read chartership handbook and example portfolios.

By 7 November 12:

  • read Building your Portfolio guide – done
  • draft personal evaluative statement – done but not as reflective as it needs to be ( it definitely needs re-working but at least it got stuff out of my head)
  • watch chartership video – done -> apparently that counts as attending a chartership workshop – any idea how to include that in the portfolio?
  • update and annotate CV – done
  • look through old appraisals and see what development can be evidenced; do the same for old application forms  – done
  • share PPDP and CV with mentor – done
  • update mentor on general progress – done
  • make a list of potential evidence – done
  • annotate “attended training” list (to link in with CV) – didn’t have enough time and have moved this to the following week

By 18 November 12:

  • annotate “attended training” list (to link in with CV)
  • write or compile three pieces of evidence
  • get someone non-library to read what I have written so far

By 25 November 12:

  • updated draft of statement -> take PPDP into consideration, plus mentor’s comments
  •  write or compile two pieces of evidence
  • (now use chartership matrix if stuck!)

By 2 December 12:

  • write or compile two pieces of evidence
  • update PPDP
  • see what else needs doing/evidencing -> new to-do list

By 9 December:

  • update mentor on general progress
  • make new plan for future

About Carolin

Gas station attendant of the mind (librarian), learner, reader, googler, traveller, library camper. My personal views.
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