#Chartership update

It’s nice to be able to tick things off my to-do list as although I get impatient with myself if I don’t achieve as much as I thought I would. The portfolio is definitely taking up more time than I anticipated! I have now amended my plan slightly and will try and be less stressed about it as there is no deadline as such at the moment. I also need to stop procrastinating just because I want it all to be perfect.

By 18 November 12:

  • annotate “attended training” list (to link in with CV) – done
  • write or compile three pieces of evidence – wrote one
  • get someone non-library to read what I have written so far – on hold as I haven’t written enough and have no volunteer

By 25 November 12:

  • write or compile two pieces of evidence – I don’t think giving myself a specific target for these works at the moment. Started two but didn’t finish them. (No, I don’t think I’ll finish them this afternoon.)
  • compile organisational charts to show where my previous and current posts fit in within the respective organisations – done
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