#Chartership update: latest plan & execution

By 2 December 12:

  • finish at least the two pieces of evidence from previous week (write more if time), plus re-read what I have written so far – done the two, not started any new ones

I have created a paper folder to keep finished documents together, to see them on paper and also as backup to Dropbox etc. That also helps to put them in the “correct” order. I think I have to put everything into one document to submit the portfolio electronically… but confused how that’ll work with Word docs and PDFs – any thoughts on this? Seems a while away but just being prepared…

  • look at list of potential evidence and limit down to main points to hopefully cut back on how much I need to write and also to limit my own confusion about what needs addressing – get a kind person to help you with this, it’s worth it!
  • update mentor on general progress – done

By 16 December:

  • see what else needs doing/evidencing -> new to-do list -> be more realistic!! – write new contents lists -> there is now a lot more on it but it feels more focussed
  • write more evidence if time – wrote 2 so far (12/12/12)

By 21 December:

  • will have visited two workplaces similar to my own that week, so review those as potential evidence – note sure they can count as same sector? (am new to sector)
  • then relax for Christmas 🙂

After Christmas:

  • start refreshed in the week beginning 7 January with re-reading what I’ve done so far and new to-do list
  • update PPDP and draft of statement
  • will I be ready to submit by Easter?
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