AULC National Conference 2013 #AULC2013

I have spent the last two days at the 2013 National Conference of the Association of University Language Centres, which took place at Durham University. I took most of my notes using Twitter, i.e. sharing them straight away. I have created a storify to share them, see this link.

Useful links from the conference:

Words and expressions that I learned during keynote speech by Steven Fawkes:

  • supper in ambigu = 45 hot dishes and 15 cold dishes
  • dashelled = drenched
  • drury lane -> drue = mistress
  • muckinder = handkerchief

And my personal favourite:

  • crotch-trolling = angling for pike

About Carolin

Gas station attendant of the mind (librarian), learner, reader, googler, traveller, library camper. My personal views.
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