#Chartership update: Plans for next week and after

We’ll see if I achieve this much…. The main thing I’m waiting for this week for my friend to read my complete-ish portfolio and voice opinions. Then I know how much more work there is to do (hopefully).

Rough plans for next week and the weeks after that:

  • re-read all the stuff I’ve written for the n-th time – I think nearly all of my evidence pieces are done now. I still need to write about a workshop I’m running in the week beginning 21 January.
  • add to learning outcomes for each piece of evidence – definitely need to elaborate! This will come out of feedback from my friend
  • write the personal evaluative statement – I have a contents page ready now, so that will help
  • merge everything into one Word doc – what font’s best to use?
  • send stuff to mentor for approval

By the way, I know I have ranted about the Pathway 2 thing a lot (I won’t link to previous posts here – if you read them you’ll know ;)) but I have come to the conclusion that it’s great that Pathway 2 allows people who have a degree in another discipline to achieve chartership without having to go through the ACLIP process first. I still don’t quite agree that foreign librarianship degrees fall under this category but I can even see the rationale behind that now (yes, amazing myself too!)

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