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I have signed up to Language Box, which I came across a while ago and put on my to-look-at-list. I heard a bit more about at the AULC Conference last week, so now is the time to explore it! I don’t teach languages myself but it is an invaluable tool for teachers and learners, and I am hoping to encourage some of our library users to use the existing resources and also share their own materials. You can easily upload your own resources or search or browse the existing collection. There are also group elements, e.g a language centre can have its’ own group for its’ tutors. That makes it easier to share with direct colleagues from your own organisation but can also raise the profile of your workplace. There is a discussion forum and a help section as well.

Language Box was born as part of the JISC-funded FAVOR project. This project has been working with language teachers to showcase and share their work. The resources are open educational resources (OER) and aim to show students what kind of language learning activities are used in Higher Education and also the range of languages they can study at university.

This project of course feeds in with national and international initiatives such as Languages Work, Language Rich Europe and Speak to the Future.

Added on 11 April: I have been made aware of the Open University’s LORO site, which is another platform for sharing language teaching resources.

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