Writing tool. And kittens :)

I was going to spend an hour before bedtime writing part of the personal evaluative statement for my chartership portfolio, and despite not having to worry that I won’t fill the 1,000 words I love the Written? Kitten! tool I came across when searching for inspiration.

On the Written? Kitten! site you can set a minimum number of words after which you will be rewarded with a new picture of a kitten. The minimum is 100 words, and the promise of a cute kitten can really take the fear of the blank page away.


You can imagine I didn’t write much of my statement… Any tips on how to get that one going? I have written my contents page and most of the evidence is written or arranged but I am a bit stuck on how to approach the statement itself. I have a version that I wrote very early on in the chartership process but that actually seems to hinder new ideas, and I have used parts of that in my evidence now anyway (and know I should avoid repeating myself).  Help.

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2 Responses to Writing tool. And kittens :)

  1. Tracey Pratchett says:

    I love this! I have just finished my portfolio – just needs a bit of tweaking before my electronic submission. I wrote the evaluative statement as a guide to the evidence in the portfolio, basically just pulling everything together to demonstrate what I have learnt. On first draft I didn’t worry too much about the word count, but made sure that I referred to every piece of evidence. I also tried to structure it under the broad headings of my PPD (I took these out when finished) also look at other peoples examples on CiIip and e.g. Bethan Ruddock which is available online here http://bethaninfoprof.wordpress.com/cilip-chartership-portfolio/ … now back to writing for kittens 😉

    • Carolin says:

      Thanks for your comment and the link, Tracey. I am at the stage where most of my portfolio is ready for review by my mentor, am just stressing about the statement and formatting now! I think looking at the statement as a guide to the portfolio really helps clarify the purpose, so will try and re-write it later. Good luck with your submission!

      Btw, @CILIPcpd suggest using the CILIP Audit Sheet: tinyurl.com/yehd9et

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