It’s done!

First thoughts on the #chartership process


Now that I have sent my portfolio off for assessment (and can’t do anything but wait), I want to share a few thoughts on the chartership process so far…

What went well?

  • I quite enjoyed thinking about my work (and past work) in a reflective manner,  not just in terms of deadlines/service plans and successes. I realised that I was already reflecting on my work but more in a way that was aimed at future applications, job promotions, etc. It was useful to look at my work in terms of what I can improved and looking further than my immediate annual review (that most of my workplaces have offered). I also thought about ways to help others get more out of their work.
  • Peer support (hashtag on Twitter is #chartership, btw) and support from endlessly patient @cilipcpd

What could have been improved?

  • Information for the undecided: benefits and expected timescale/potential amount of work – if I had had more clear and accessible information I might have started the process earlier
  • The clarity of the paperwork: what needs to be submitted when, how, etc.
  • More portfolios shared, not just those of people who are already very vocal online – can be intimidating! (Saying that, I haven’t allowed CILIP to share mine either. Maybe not many people do?)
  • Ideally the information from “Building your portfolio” would be available for free to chartership candidates (if not everyone). Or, raise the fees and send it to every candidate when they register for Certification/Chartership/Revalidation/Fellowship maybe?

The two points at the top are currently addressed as part of the Future Skills Project, so I think that information provision will be improved soon. The other two points are fairly personal.

Where I feel I failed

  • Time management: Trying to fit in too much into a short stretch of time
  • Relying in others: At times I was relying on others for opinions and re-reading parts of my portfolio a little too much (or was it a procrastination strategy?) I could have probably trusted my own instincts more and saved my and other people’s time and energy.

I wish I had known earlier that…

  • The process doesn’t need to take 2 years itself (Pathway 2) but that evidence can be backdated

What next?

  • Waiting for two to six months to find out if I have passed. If so, I guess thinking about Revalidation needs to be in the future somewhere.
  • Relaxation – I have three books on my librarian reading list already though!
  • Would love a trip to the seaside this weekend – I wonder if it’ll snow?
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