I am now official manager of a Foursquare venue.


Initially I applied to become the manager for the venue as someone else had set it up and had shared not-quite-correct information on it and I decided it would be good to have control myself as I manage that library in real life.

I haven’t used Foursquare much yet but am hoping to use it to promote the library and services that are useful for users and passers-by. There are some useful resources out there, for example:

Foursquare and Libraries – Anything There?

Five top tips to get the most out of Foursquare

So far I have only sent one update, about tours of the library, and have integrated Foursquare with Twitter and Facebook for automatic updates. I am planning to send regular updates about new resources, drop-in tours and events that might be relevant to language learners.

By the way, a tip when setting up your venue: you can’t add photos to your venue when you are the manager, so ask a friedly person to add them for you if your ussers haven’t already. Another thing I found difficult to work out was adding an event, so have a look at the link.

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