Dropbox is a tool that I have valued more and more over the past few months. I mainly use it to work on my chartership portfolio and to share documents with my mentor but have also used it for certain (non-confidential) work documents.

If you haven’t tried it yet but often work on documents on different computers (for example you start a document at work and want to carry on working on it at home) you should try it!
I used to email documents to myself a lot and since using Dropbox I save time by the application simply updating the folders on the computers I have assigned to my Dropbox account, rather than me having to check my emails and downloding documents to the computer I am working at. You also avoid forgetting or losing USB sticks or external hard drives. Through the automatic synching process Dropbox also helps me keep on top of the latest version of a document I’m using, without having to doublecheck regularly.

These videos show you more about Dropbox: intro and What can you do with Dropbox. Install it here.

PS. Of course if you have a remote desktop from your workplace you won’t really need Dropbox for things you are working on.

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