What I have learned today

  • Slovenians call Google “Uncle Google”. Cute.
  • I have learned how to change the page numbers in a Word 2007 document when they are not consistent (e.g. page 64 is shown as page 1 when you create a Table of Contents). It’s all down to sections: 1. position the cursor into the section that needs changing. 2. Go to Footer > Design > Page Numbers > Format Page Numbers. Here you can change your page numbering to continue from the previous section (or not). Formatting can take such a long time!
  • Leave your phone number with someone when you leave a job. Even though you think you left notes and instructions on everything, you won’t have.
  • Do not open your work email after leaving work on a Friday afternoon.
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2 Responses to What I have learned today

  1. Hello! I just stumbled across your blog on the twitterverse – Where did you learn the (very coold) Slovenian fact? I need to find a source for it so that I can drop it in to conversation with impressive authority…

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