Digital Storytelling at #rscinspire13

A colleague and I have submitted a proposal for JISC RSC YH’s Summer Conference (#rscinspire13). You can submit proposals until the end of the month, on the topic of “innovative use of technology to change the way we teach and learn”.

Our suggested session is about digital storytelling (watch this introduction to digital storytelling for more information). I haven’t created any proper digital stories myself yet (not sure if Storify counts) but at my workplace tutors use them to help students explore the languages they are learning and use them in- and outside the classroom.

Some useful links:

After Easter I will start working on a story myself, both to learn more of the skills needed (e.g. improved editing) and also to explore how I could tell a story better with technology (content creation). I might even try to do it in Dutch if I feel adventurous.

Note added on 24 April: Our proposal has been accepted 🙂 Hashtag has changed from #inspire13 to #rscinspire13.

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