Spring clean – ish

When I’m not in the office and I need to work or study I do this at the dining table in my living room. I also eat at the dining table*, which means that I keep moving my work things. Last week, to ensure that I can easily go back to my work after meal times (especially at weekends), I decided to re-arrange my “home office”. I looked at new shelving, corner shelves, coffee tables and baskets – but there is no space for more furniture in my living room.

So what have I done? I threw a lot of paperwork out. I have bought a tray to keep my stationery together. I have cleared some shelf space under the tv to keep books and magazines. I put an old satchel (which stands up by itself) into the corner of my room to keep loose papers in. Simple but makes life that little bit easier.


The websites below have inspired me:

How to create a portable home office

Small space solution: Portable office totes

Portable home office ideas

21 ideas for organizing your home office

*you might say that’s obvious but I know many people who don’t

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