23 mobile things

For all the lovers of learning 23 Things-style: there’s a new one out! It’s called 23mobilethings, is written by people “interested in exploring ways that libraries and library staff can use mobile technologies to deliver library services, to engage with their communities and for their own professional development“, and of course is about using mobile technology.

As other 23 Things course it is self-paced, giving you a new tool to explore with each post. I’ll definitely keep an eye on what is shared and explore some of the things. This is the list:

  • Twitter
  • Taking a photo with a mobile device:  Instagram / Flickr app / Snapchat
  • eMail on the move
  • Maps and checking in: Foursquare
  • Photos + Maps + Apps: Historypin / What was there / Sepia Town
  • Video: YouTube and screencasts
  • Communicate: Skype / Google Hangout
  • Calendar
  • QR codes
  • Social reading: RSS / Flipboard / Feedly / Goodreads / Pocket
  • Augmented reality: Layar
  • Games: Angry Birds / Wordfeud
  • Online identity: FaceBook and LinkedIn
  • Curating: Pinterest / Scoop.it / Tumblr
  • Adobe ID
  • eBooks and eBook apps: Project Gutenberg / Kindle / Overdrive / Bluefire / Kobo, etc.
  • Evernote and Zotero
  • Productivity tools: Doodle / Remember the Milk / Hackpad / any.do /  30/30
  • File sharing: Dropbox
  • Music: last.fm / Spotify
  • Voice interaction and recording
  • eResources vendor apps
  • Digital storytelling
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