Backdating evidence for your #chartership portfolio

Depending on which stage in your career you are at you might want to consider backdating evidence when working on your chartership portfolio.

I get the impression that a lot of people do their chartership early on in their career (maybe that’s only because I’m on social media too much), so for them it might not be relevant to backdate. I did my chartership a few years into my career and think I actually benefited more from it because I gained experience that wasn’t solely aimed at chartering and filling a portfolio.

You might have done exciting and great things before registering for chartership that fit perfectly under one of the assessment categories, so why go out and try to replicate this experience and stress yourself out? Backdating can save you time, as you don’t have to attend extra events/training but you can draw on events you have already attended. It will further help by putting past experiences into context and shed new light on things that you have achieved in the past (and that might still carry on into the present).

Some quick tips on how to approach possible backdating of chartership evidence (All these points are also useful to identify development needs.):

  • Look at your CV and any training that you have attended since qualifying. There will be things you can reflect upon and you will be able to show how they have benefited you already. Maybe you can even ask a colleague or friend for help with this, as they might remind you of achievements you have already forgotten about. Also include skills that you might have learned outside library-land.
  • Make a list under each assessment criterion: what have you achieved already – try and get equal amounts for each. Now look at what needs further attention and add those points to your chartership PPDP. For your portfolio you should aim for equal amounts of evidence for each criterion.
  • And, repeating myself: If you have an example for something already, use it. Don’t waste time on creating extra evidence (which takes time) just for the sake of it. Reflection and writing up of evidence is far more important for your chartership portfolio.

By the way, CILIP says: “If you think you are eligible to backdate any experience and training, contact the CILIP qualifications office and discuss with your mentor.

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