How I learn

I have done some tests over the past week and they have confirmed that I learn kinesthetically, and also visually. I think my preferred learning style out of these depends on what I am learning. For example,  I find it very helpful if I can use something I have learned in a course or from a book at work as soon as possible as really helps the learning sink in. I also feel that it benefits me to go for a walk or a swim before I sit down to write a report on something I have read. But I also love diagrams, which can help make things clearer and I remember the picture (often more than the content though).

I’d like to think that teachers across all sectors and whatever ages they teach take different learning types into consideration but I think we all know that isn’t the case.

Some of the tests I completed:

What type of learner are you?

Discover your learning style

BBC Key Skills: Learning Styles

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