My notes from Jisc RSC YH E-Learning Conference 2013: Innovate, Create, Inspire #RSCInspire13

As in previous years, JISC’s summer conference was very good, and I met interesting people and learned about new things. Success!

You can find my twitter notes from the day here.

See the official Storify story here.

First session:  creating an e-learning strategy, taking into account users who are scared by it all. Delivered by Val maybury and @ejarmstrong

  • find the gap in confidence and nurture willingness to learn
  • get your e-learning team involved (if your organisation has one)
  • people want to do what they are used to
  • time needed to learn about tools and develop new resources – big challenge
  • tandem learning helps
  • need to have champions/experts who are accessible and can coach colleagues
  • introduce little things monthly, in a 30mins meeting – bite-size
  • find something that is useful to the user, not what you want to teach them
  • have a portal (e.g. VLE) to exchange best practice and resources, run “how to” sessions
  • “weighing the pig doesn’t make it fat”
  • encourage reflective practice through filming – perfectionism kicks in and makes people work harder
  • build people’s confidence, let them take ownership – people need to be in charge of their own learning (coaching rather than “staff development”)
  • have a “sand box” where people can try new tools and equipment without  being scared to break something
  • focus on the problem rather than the technology
  • don’t rely on your organisation for CPD

Second session: COOCs, delivered by @ShukieOne

  • COOC = Community Open Online Courses
  • exciting times ahead, with lots to learn
  • is professionalism under threat? -> no
  • peer-to-peer learning vs. standardisation
  • learning something doesn’t mean you are allowed to do it, e.g. heart surgery

Third session: Informing and inspiring to learn, delivered by two Daniels from Barnsley College

  • improve ease of use
  • students choose and pick tools that suit them – we have no influence over this but can offer tools
  • need for e-safety policy
  • involve students in decisions about which tools to use/purchase

Fourth session: using digital storytelling for portfolio submissions in the language classroom

Tools we introduced where GoAnimate and Storify. We also showed people how to edit content in YouTube.

Student example of a portfolio submission using GoAnimate: link here.

The story I shared on the day (during our Digital Storytelling workshop) is here.

We got some good feedback from workshop participants, thanks.

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