CILIP Members Blog Landscape

A recent exchange in my Twitter stream has alerted me to the fact that CILIP has stopped their blog landscape feed – maybe I should have noticed that the feed died over two weeks ago but in my defense I have been on holiday and am therefore even more behind in catching up on RSS feeds, mailing lists and all that.

Shame, I found the blog landscape really useful and it’s helped me get many contacts in the past. It’s also helped me discover blogs that would normally (maybe) not get as much publicity.

I guess it also means I’ll shed this as it’s no longer relevant:

It was nice to have something to acknowledge being part of a wider blogging community – I guess now my blog is just another librarian-y blog 😦

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5 Responses to CILIP Members Blog Landscape

  1. Richard Hawkins says:

    Hi Carolin,

    The blog landscape was created using the old Communities server platform which was very closely linked with our old website. As a result the recent move to a new website meant that it was not realistic to keep the blog landscape going any longer. Furthermore the scale of the new website project also required us to focus our attention on the more important features of the website – the basics if you like.

    Now while I didn’t start the blog landscape, I spent a considerable amount of time inviting various bloggers to join it and by the end I think there were almost 100 in all. In short I was pretty sad to see it go too… *wipes tear from eye*

    All is not lost however and I’m confident that the new CILIP website will bring many opportunities to explore ways in which to share blog posts with the wider membership, and in the meantime we will continue to highlight blogs via our social media channels and ebulletins wherever possible.

    If you want to take a look at it you can access it to some degree – the RSS feed will no longer work of course as the landscape is sort of frozen in time now. In the sidebar there is a list of links to all the blogs we aggregated if you want to recreate the feed too:

    Thanks for your contributions to the blog landscape 🙂

    Richard Hawkins
    Online Information Manager

    • Carolin says:

      Hi Richard,
      thanks for your comment. I’m glad to read that there are plans to keep sharing members’ blogs 🙂

    • Anabel Marsh says:

      Thanks Richard. I understood the reasons, I was just a bit irritated that I hadn’t known earlier so that I could follow the individual blogs I found most useful before the feed disappeared. I can use the link you’ve given to do that now – great, thanks again. Like Carolin, I’m also glad that there are plans to continue blog-sharing.

  2. Tom Roper says:

    Thanks Richard, for providing the webarchive. If I can find time, may do something, possibly involving Netvibes or similar, to aggregate them in a publicly readable form

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