Regional membership network meeting Yorkshire and Humber

Yesterday I attended a meeting of the soon-to-be-reborn regional CILIP member network. It took place in the beautiful Central Library in Leeds. While I was there, I had a look at the newly refurbished Information and Research Library. (I used to work there, if you remember my refurbishment ideas from 2011.)

Me in the Leeds Information and Research Library

Enjoying the Leeds Information and Research Library

It was nice to see about 20 people there and also some ‘important CILIP people’, such as Annie Mauger and Simon Edwards.

My notes:

  • most CILIP members come from the academic library sector – who knew?!
  • there are 750 members in the Yorkshire & Humber region
  • regional group is important for welcome newcomers to the professional and region, local support and CPD
  • Annie mentioned the ‘CILIP family feel’
  • ideas and needs mentioned: support for mentors and professional registration candidates, community support and information about what is going on locally, networking and sharing opportunities, organised events and visits, opportunities to get new ideas, local training opportunities, local links with Special Interest Groups, social activities, local CILIP materials library, campaigning opportunities, a list of experts to invite as speakers

I am not sure how much progress was actually made but some people seem to have shown a serious interest in being on the group committee, so let’s see what happens! 🙂

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