Library and Learning Space pre-planning Workshop

Today I went to an event hosted by Southerns, the interior design company. The keynote speaker, Les Watson, gave an interesting talk about learning spaces and the role of libraries for the present and future.

Here are my notes:

  • to develop new ideas: use your professional knowledge, open yourself to other areas of knowledge (and the professionals who know!), mix these areas
  • Ellen Langer (On becoming an artist): “inexperience erases fear” – this is good
  • we are becoming an experience society – spaces should stage experiences, trigger subconscious goals (and impact)
  • emotions are present all the time and impact on learning (success)
  • spaces need to reflect the vision and strategy of learning of an organisation
  • informal settings, because “conversation [is] at the heart of all learning
  • space needs constant updating – needs planning into budget (e.g. depreciation)
  • the library as technology
  • changes in how people learn/different model of education
  • learning spaces more communal
  • “from space to place”: become the user’s third place (after work and home) – people should love to be there and “start learning with and from each other”
  • cultural shift in work environments – I am not so sure about this one: staff happiness will be reflected in service levels

Key ideas for development of learning spaces (more at this link):

  • open flexible (agile) space
  • semi private spaces
  • interior design, not architecture
  • service design: service and space interlinked (equal?)
  • pace layering

I also picked up some reading suggestions:

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