I have recently written a short post on planning CPD and have now made a list of skills I want to develop this year (and beyond). This is partly for my own personal development, but also part of my organisation’s annual review scheme. So here are some thoughts…

I like that CILIP has finally got an online tool that I can use for my professional development and to keep track of things I’ve done and learned. I am really looking forward to short online courses they might develop, that I can do at my desk when it suits me. I think the Pathways to Information Leadership are a great idea, although the sample materials have not convinced me that I’d invest my money there just yet.

I have also been pondering over which masters degree to study for… you might call me mad to study on top of a good full-time job, but as I enjoy learning I might as well get a degree out of it.

I am currently looking at these options, and would love to hear from people who’ve studied these.

I think that I could tailor any of these to fit in with my main interests, which are education, language and ethics. That makes it all the more difficult to choose. Any ideas/advice/suggestions welcome. Also let me know if you think there’s another course out there that I should consider.

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