Like many other students I am currently waiting for exam results.

I sat the exam for the OU’s Professional Certificate in Management a month ago and it was stressful. It was my first exam in about 10 years and my first in the UK. I ran out of time for certain parts, I sweated, I panicked. And we all know that could have been avoided. Apart from the overheated room, maybe. I still finished on time, but didn’t feel totally happy.

The University of St Andrews gives some good tips on post-exam stress. Just reading those calmed me down. Keep things in perspective, in the exam and afterwards! WikiHow also helped, with a range of lovely pictures. I’m glad I didn’t have a whole range of exams to sit in a short space of time. How did we live through that at school, having so many exams? A colleague said we were probably institutionalised. Another suggested having a pint before exams helped.

I have learned that you can plan your timings over and over – it (probably) won’t work out. Just learn what you can and use as much as possible. Leave time to read your output at the end (I didn’t and it still annoys me).

My tip for afterwards: get a nice novel and your favourite food to relax with. And then be patient.

Note added on 13 June: I have passed the exam 🙂

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