What I have learned so far this week

This week I have discovered CamStudio, free software that allows you to record screen-casts and audio. I needed this to record a presentation for a last-minute event where the technical facilities were a bit unreliable and would possibly not allow me to present live. Twitter was, as usual, quick to the rescue when I asked for software suggestions. It took me a while to work out the audio settings (it is automatically set to not record audio!), but then it was really easy and intuitive to use. There are some help videos online already, so I won’t record yet another one. Just be aware of the format it record in and it’ll be fairly self-explanatory. I spent too much time recording the presentation, until it was good enough to share, but hopefully someone will find it useful.

Other things I have learned, or they were reinforced:

  • listen to the scouts and be prepared, at all times, for every eventuality
  • ask clear questions and persevere if you don’t get a clear answer. Suggest solutions yourself, even if they don’t seem relevant at the time.
  • be aware that people have assumptions, e.g. about the equipment, skills and time you have
  • manage your time well and go to bed when it gets too much. Sometimes you just have to stop.
  • promote what you do, so that others can help you – they will not know unless you tell them
  • have a test run, especially if technology is involved

And some projects I have learned about this week:

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