Presentation skills

My workplace has discovered PechaKucha. Teachers now use it with their students, to increase their confidence and presentation skills, especially in a business context.

So I threw PowerPoint Karaoke in there, and we had a session this afternoon:

  • Two volunteers
  • A presentation of 60 seconds each – 4 slides
  • Each slide will move on automatically after 15 seconds
  • They have never seen the slides before

First introduced to it by Ned Potter (@therealwikiman) at an event he led (and on his blog) I am a fan of PowerPoint Karaoke (aka Battledecks) for several reasons. Some of them are:

  1. People enjoy it because it’s informal
  2. It lowers barriers because everyone can present and/or make a fool of themselves
  3. You can test a presentation on others by letting someone else present it. This will show any weaknesses in your presentation, e.g. lack of clarity.
  4. You can reinforce something you have talked about previously by making it fun.

Using PowerPoint Karaoke with language students can be beneficial because students tend to forget about their lack of vocabulary and nervousness when put in an informal (and relaxed) PowerPoint Karaoke situation. To help them in advance you could give them a topic area that you will use for your Karaoke session, and maybe a list of related vocabulary.

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