Keeping a learning log

Anyone who has ever thought about what they do knows what I mean by reflection. It is a different thing to be asked to keep a reflective learning log though, and (nearly?) anyone who has submitted or is working on their chartership portfolio knows what a pain a reflective statement can turn out to be. It can be a little easier if you take notes about activities and learning outcomes regularly, and then collate them afterwards (either for yourself or for use on things like the CILIP VLE). You can even add further reflection once some time has passed. This might help see things in a slightly different light.

Here is the log template I currently use for CPD:

  1. Date
  2. What did you learn about (basically a title)?
  3. What did you do and how (description)?
  4. How easy or difficult did you find this, what went well and what didn’t (emotions, description)? Why (reflection)?
  5. What did you learn and how did you learn it (reflection)?
  6. How did you feel about the experience (emotions)?
  7. What would you do differently next time (reflection)?
  8. Is there anything else I need to do now (e.g. book another course/read a book on the topic)?
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