Customer service

The summer has been fairly hectic and stressful for me, although I enjoyed it. Whilst preparing a staff training session about customer care and handling enquiries, I came up with this, in my mind not totally crazy idea…
What if every young person leaving education would spend a year working in the retail sector, preferably in a customer facing role such as shop assistant, waiter/waitress, or till operator? This would expose them to the beauty and stresses of customer care, which could have the following effects:
– they will enjoy retail/customer facing work, develop enthusiasm and make a career decision to stay in the sector,
– they will hate working in a customer facing role and move into a different sector/type of role,
– they will appreciate the hard work that goes into making customers happy and will treat shop assistants (and library assistants and petrol station attendants, etc, etc) with more respect, i.e. become better and more patient customers.

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