This week my MA module is all about blogging.

Having blogged for a while now, I felt that I could contribute to the discussion well, whilst being able to look at blogging from an outside perspective. I forgot that most people don’t blog, and that there are many different ways of doing it.

We had a quick discussion about blogging for language learning. I am in favour of this, having done it for about a year when learning Dutch. I found that blogging in Dutch enabled me to use (the very basic) language I knew, and even interact with native speakers from a very early stage. Some of these interactions were about points they corrected in my writing, but also about the content I was writing about. I mainly wrote about things I was experiencing, like going for walks, meeting friends, or seeing exhibitions. This helped me develop the vocabulary I needed to talk about my everyday life, rather than learn words to talk about the sick squirrel in the garden (as my text book encouraged me to do). I wish I had kept the transcripts!

I also read other people’s blogs in Dutch, about topics that interested me, for example librarianship. Twitter was also in invaluable source for ‘real language’ and tweets were short enough for me to follow discussions. I still follow some Dutch people from back then on Twitter and am in touch with some of the people I met on Facebook, even though my Dutch learning has stalled.

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