German tv in the UK

I have collated a brief list of German tv channels you can watch online in the UK. It might be useful to others, so here it is. Some programmes may not work due to legal restrictions, but I am hopeful that this will change in the future (EU single market and all that).

There are some streaming apps that claim to work well – if you choose to use them (not sure about legality of some of them).

Live tv

Deutsche Welle: mainly educational content and documentaries

Catchup tv

ARD Mediathek: Germany’s first public channel

Arte: German and French arts and culture channel

MDR Mediathek: Regional public channel (central)

NDR Mediathek: Regional public channel (north)

RTL: private channel, offering entertainment and edutainment

VoxNow: private channel, offering entertainment and documentaries

ZDF Mediathek: Germany’s second public channel


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