Blog Every Day in June #blogjune

It’s June now, and with this, the time of year where #blogjune starts. You can read more about this on Flexnib’s blog, but it is basically an activity created to encourage to get people, especially librarians (as it was created by them), blogging and to encourage them to do so every day for a month. So I will try and take the challenge this year, and blog every day. This fitting article also popped up in my inbox today: Why teachers and students should blog.

Other bloggers have started the month with blogging about the five things they look forward to, which seems like a good start indeed:

1. I haven’t been very good about blogging in the past few months and have only just started blogging properly again in the past few weeks, so I am looking forward ti getting back in the habit.

2. I’d like to think that sharing information about #blogjune will encourage others to join in and benefit from it.

3. It gives me an opportunity to procrastinate, as I am really meant to finish writing an assignment for me MA course. At the same time it takes my mind off that task, which may on turn help me gain some distance and new ideas.

4. It will hopefully get me into the habit of reading other people’s blogs more.

5. Another excuse to use Written? Kitten!

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