Activities at work #blogjune

Today three groups of teenagers will come to my library to see what it is like to study at university. It was difficult to decide what to do with them for two hours (30 minutes per group), but we were able to gather some ideas and create some activities.

They will be able to explore the library by themselves, using a WebQuest, and they will be given worksheets that will help them explore authentic news for language learning, if they prefer a more structured approach. I think it’ll also be good for them to see that most people working here speak other languages, and that they don’t necessarily need to go into teaching to use their language skills.

I hope this will be interesting enough for them, and may make them consider studying languages after school. This doesn’t need to take the form of a language degree at all, as they can choose language modules, but will hopefully show some of the enthusiasm we have for languages here, and give them some ideas about how to use their skills later in life.

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