Comparisons #blogjune

In a world that is obsessed with sharing and rankings, it can be difficult not to compare yourself to others. But sometimes you just have to stop, believe me. There will always be someone who looks (or makes it look) like they have it better than you: a better wage, better qualifications, a better relationship, a better workplace, a better car, better hair, a cat that can do tricks, … But is it really true? Does it matter? If they felt worse, would it make your own position better? Most likely answer: no.

So… I try to relax and enjoy what I have. Here’s a tip to get you started: make a list of what you are grateful for and what is good in your life. Keep this list to remind yourself of what’s good or what you are good at. Ask friends and family to help, if you struggle to find positive things.

And if you don’t believe me, read these:

Huffington Post: why you should stop comparing yourself to others

Becoming minimalist: a helpful guide to stop comparing yourself to others

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