A day in my language learning library #blogjune

For anyone who isn’t sure what it’s like to work in a library that supports language learners in Higher Education, here’s a quick list of what we do in my library in a ‘normal’ day:

  • staffing the counter (including issue/return, and giving directions)
  • dealing with enquiries in person, by phone and email
  • transcribing and uploading the BBC news, maintaining the library’s VLE areas and social media presence
  • working with technicians and teaching staff on what we can provide and how
  • researching, creating, ordering materials and office supplies
  • giving user and language learning advice, guidance and pastoral support
  • signing people up to the Language Exchange Scheme that’s in place for members of the university
  • maintenance tasks, such as shelving and tidying, book covering, creating publicity materials, cataloguing, collecting and collating statistics, dealing with overdues, admin such as creating DVD covers for off-air copies, and fighting with the photocopier
  • liaising with tutors and other staff
  • attending meetings, fairs and training
  • delivering tours and training
  • running and developing activities or hosting them
  • and of course whatever else comes up.
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