Reading #blogjune

I have handed in my latest assignment at the weekend and finally have time to read some fiction books that have been piling up next to my bed. It feels nice to know that I have some time to read whatever takes my fancy for a couple of months, and that I can also choose not to read something if it bores me. Usually I spend a lot of time reading journal articles and websites (and social media postings) but this summer I want to concentrate on reading longer pieces for longer periods of time, to get back into the habit of unplugging and getting way from the computer more (although I may still use my Kindle to read some books). I also want to cut down on brainless tv consumption (yes, when you catch yourself watching certain programmes (insert yours here) you know you need to stop).

A couple of years ago I started using Goodreads to record my reading and find new things to add to my reading list, and while it is still interesting to see what other people read I don’t use it much anymore. This has taken some pressure off as I don’t try to read every ‘valuable’ book going, but collect books as they come along, either through personal recommendations or in a shop/flea market.

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