Webinar: “Super Charge Your Learning” #blogjune

Earlier today I attended a webinar offered by CMI. It was advertised as a session about digital technologies and the way they may change learning, but actually turned out to be mainly about different leadership styles (transformational or task or both) and how to tailor your development to the one you want, or need, to use.

The main messages were:

  • you are the one in charge of your own leadership development: decide what your priorities are and why, evaluate the available tools, make sure you receive recognition as leader
  • need to know what enthuses the people you are leading – and be enthusiastic and motivated yourself
  • you can’t rely on your organisation to develop you – look out for experiences and learn by doing, learn from others, learn by teaching/mentoring
  • leadership is personal – face-to-face is still best
  • look for help when you need it: curated knowledge, specific apps such as time management apps, on-demand e-learning

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