Too much stuff?

After a few weeks of clearing actual paperwork in the office and at home, I have tried to get my virtual paperwork in order today, partly to start new projects with a clean slate and partly because it really needed doing! Also, I am trying to get a head start on literature searches for my MA and how to best keep on top of what I am reading or marking as ‘to read’. I still haven’t got my head around referencing tools such as EndNote or Mendeley, and because I am constantly using different PCs and storage solutions I can’t decide which solution might be best. Looking back, I should also give Evernote a go, but at the moment I am still lured in by an alphabetical Word list, which seems so simple – but once it becomes more than five pages long it will most probably start to get a bit complicated. I’ll attend a referencing workshop next week, so hopefully things will become a bit clearer.

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