Notes from #AULC2017

Last week I attended the annual AULC conference, held in Belfast. It was a very inspiring and fun event! Here are some notes from the sessions I attended, plus My Conference Storify. Copies of all presentations can be accessed on the AULC 2017 website.


Keynote speech 1: Translation and Translation studies in the Foreign-Language Classroom (Professor David Johnston)

  • there has been a rise in translation and translation studies related HE courses
  • translation can be seen as a “fifth skill”, rather than as a learning method or tool
  • if there is a lack of understanding people are more likely to fixate on specific meaning
  • is there sucha  thing as “culture shock”, or does thae assumption that it exists inhibit real experiences?
  • it’s baout the life of the text, not necessarily the context
  • translation as a “third place” between two languages = “no-place”

Session 1: Making the most of free online tools and technologies for language learning & teaching (Liza Zamboglou)

Session 2: Developing Co-curricular Language Learning Activities (Carolin Schneider & Melinda Whong)

Here’s my presentation, delivered together with a colleague. It was great to engage with colleagues and be able to share the good work we do in Leeds.

Keynote speech 2: Multilingual and Creative: Rethinking University Language Classrooms (Libor Štěpánek, Masaryk University LC)

  • use your creativity!
  • creativity requires fluency, flexibility, originality and elaboration
  • importance of decreasing the amount of success/fail situations to create a pro-creative environment
  • importance of peer collaboration and student-generated materials

Session 4: Encouraging Students to Learn Deeply and Broadly (Daniela Standen & Ugo Marsili)


Keynote speech: Exploring Multilingualism and Identity: the benefits and challenges of a large interdisciplinary project (Professor Janice Carruthers)

Session 1: Providing languages for All and much more through digital media (Andrew Grenfell)

  • using existing streamlining platform to create teaching and learning materials
  • expansion across compus
  • allowing added content, comments, downloads

Session 2: The Italian Digital Project (Patrizia Lavizani)

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