Reblogged: Thinking of a career change?

Glad to see that someone else has been thinking about careers lately, too. I really like these tips from the Future Library and Information Professionals Network:

Future Library and Information Professionals Network

Our latest post is a short one which comes as a result of a few messages in our inbox from people who have already had successful careers in other fields deciding to pursue a career in libraries. We thought it would be good to share some of the advice given to a wider audience!

Librarianship is a field which encompasses a lot of skills you may well find in all kinds of careers. To perhaps oversimplify, if you are interested in helping people and solving problems, then you will probably enjoy working in libraries. If your current career has involved either or both of those two things, it is likely you would be suitable for a role in the sector.

It is interesting to see that of the people who have contacted us for information about making a career change toward librarianship, often state the same thing:

‘I don’t know…

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