CPD needs analysis

In my work place we are lucky that there is a wealth of training offers we can access, both on and off the job, as well as some funding for external events and courses. But how do you decide what training is approriate for yourself and your team?

I usually find that colleagues I manage will tell me about training options they would like to pursue and if they make a good case they can attend the training session or take some time to train themselves to fill skills gaps. I do a similar thing with my line manager and most of the time we can agree on what kind of training is relevant and appropriate, and affordable. I have paid for training myself when my workplace would/could not fund it, especially when I have been keen to attend some training or event for my own development, learning and networking (and often enjoyment). This is why it is so important that regional professional networks are present and accessible to everyone, alongside professional development grants.

How is your training and development organised at work? Do you have a list of relevant/appropriate training option and/or providers you can turn to?

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