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Back to study

After a summer of reading novels I am now back to reading MA-type literature, and probably not much else (I already miss snuggling up and reading about Wilt‘s life…). This year I am also tackling my Masters thesis, which will … Continue reading

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Useful things

Things that have excited me today: EDpuzzle: a new tool to use with videos – you can add tasks, comments, etc. lingro: dictionary that can be used on any website Screencastify: record your screen, including audio slowing videos down in … Continue reading

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Too much stuff?

After a few weeks of clearing actual paperwork in the office and at home, I have tried to get my virtual paperwork in order today, partly to start new projects with a clean slate and partly because it really needed … Continue reading

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Digital projects

Here are some interesting links I have come across this week: BALEAP: EAP and blended learning CILIP: What is instructional design and technology Digital literacy or digital competence? Digital literacies pack Digital skills – staff training examples Digital skills, literacy … Continue reading

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#Innoconf15 #blogjune

Last week I attended Innoconf15, a conference about innovative language teaching and learning at university. This year’s theme was the enhancement of participation and collaboration. Here are my notes: The day was envisaged to be a day of celebration and … Continue reading

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Webinar: “Super Charge Your Learning” #blogjune

Earlier today I attended a webinar offered by CMI. It was advertised as a session about digital technologies and the way they may change learning, but actually turned out to be mainly about different leadership styles (transformational or task or … Continue reading

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Reading #blogjune

I have handed in my latest assignment at the weekend and finally have time to read some fiction books that have been piling up next to my bed. It feels nice to know that I have some time to read … Continue reading

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My digital learner profile #blogjune

The Leeds University Library offers great resources for all sorts of learning skills. The other day I discovered the digital learner profile. I think what’s most interesting is that the lowest score I got was in the area of information … Continue reading

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First Sunday #blogjune

The first week of #blogjune is over and it was not too difficult to find something to write about every day. I can imagine that it will become more difficult as the month progresses though, as there will be fewer … Continue reading

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Blog Every Day in June #blogjune

It’s June now, and with this, the time of year where #blogjune starts. You can read more about this on Flexnib’s blog, but it is basically an activity created to encourage to get people, especially librarians (as it was created … Continue reading

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